Monday, October 20, 2014

Steps to upload your patient inputs to our 'Patient centered online health record.'

Open website
Look towards your right for ‘ Are you a care seeker/ patient’ 

Select ‘Add your Health Issue’

A pop up will appear

Sign in using your Yahoo/Google Email  ID

Wait till your User ID is accepted by the site.

Close the pop up window when it asks you to do so

A new window will load on the previous screen.

Under ‘What is the problem in short?’ Mention the age and gender of the patient and a few words on what the chief complaint is and how long it has been for (e.g. 65y Male breathlessness for 6 months, or 40y Female Pain in Right Knee for 1year)

Kindly download the Consent form in whichever language the patient can understand or that you wish, the links are present below ‘Upload letter of consent’ with the respective languages. (Hindi, Bengali Or English)

After you have downloaded the same print it, this must be signed by the patient and a witness, it will explain how your information will be processed.

Once signed, kindly scan and upload the same onto the website by clicking on ‘Choose File’ and then select the file from your computer.

Click on the Red tab saying ‘I wish to add a new patient’ to begin submitting your complaints.

The site will automatically give you a botanical name ( Name of a plant ) which will then be further modified to become your reference name for the doctors to treat you. 

Below that you would need to enter the first 3 numbers of your Six Digit Postal Pin Code in the box.

Kindly ‘fill in a description’, of the complaints and problems faced by the patient in order of how they started and what happened throughout, till now during the illness. To help us understand your problem better, particularly describe the age & gender of the patient, how long has the problem been for, when the problem gets worse during the day, since when and how is it now- better or worse, does doing anything make the problem better or worse. Include, current/previous medicines or operations and if any related previous medical problems.

Proceed to the next step to upload any reports that you may have got done recently that relate to the problem. Make sure to cover any identifying information related to the patient (or doctor where appropriate) identity BEFORE scanning. No names, addresses, locations or information related to a patients’ (your) identity should appear anywhere in the uploads, this is to maintain your security and privacy. You could use a white piece of paper to cover your details (including name, address, doctor’s name) and then scan the report or take a picture to put it on the site.

Once uploaded this information will automatically reach us.

You may continue to update your patient information in the future by signing in like before (Steps 1-8)  and adding through the ‘I wish to add more reports to existing patients of mine’ which is a Red Tab below the ‘Upload the consent letter’ section.

You may also delete any report or document you uploaded by mistake by clicking the remove icon next to the uploaded document.

Thank you for choosing UDHC, we hope to continue serving you better and the more detailed information you would be able to give us, the more we would be able to solve your problem easily and faster

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