Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Connecting all medical colleges in India through student user driven blended learning in healthcare?

Would it be possible to grow connections with all medical colleges in India toward reaching out healthcare services to the rural and remote masses?

Perhaps this can be done in two phases?

In the first phase, Two motivated medical students from each medical college in the country can avail of this medical elective program (detailed ad here:http://journals.bmj.com/site/marketing/landing-pages/Indian_Caseelectives.xhtml)  that will enable them to develop learning competencies (as per this http://www.mciindia.org/tools/announcement/Revised_GME_2012.pdf MCI 2012 document). Electives are mentioned as desirable in page 23 of the same 2012 MCI document. Here's an account of a recent elective experience in our institute:http://userdrivenhealthcare.blogspot.in/2014/09/positive-role-of-medical-electives-in.html

In the second phase these students trained as above will be able to interview 'complex patients' in their own institute managed rural areas and upload to http://www.udhc.co.in/ wherein suitable inputs to these patient requirements can be provided by a global network of faculty who want to help patients in India.

There is no financial gain for any of the stakeholders in the above mentioned plan and this can only be done as a nation building exercise. There may be hidden gains however in terms of visibility that may be leveraged in further positive ways by all stakeholders.

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