Saturday, October 11, 2014

Looking for learning partners in Patient centered research

We are currently looking for learning partners in the form of post-graduate MSc/MA students (anyone with basic computer skills, ability to communicate online 24x7 and an active interest in healthcare and patient centered learning) who may like to solve patient requirements and interact in a multidisciplinary platform to gather resources for the same (considering every patient as a separate research project: more here:, and here:

The rewards of this learning project are currently only in terms of 'learning' in the form of research publication opportunities offered by our online network of team based learning facilitators who are also part of our editorial team managing our journal IJUDH

The candidate can convert this learning experience toward a Phd degree if an appropriate university willing to support this activity can be found. Most of this research can be achieved through our online guidance with the candidate who would need to carry out the 'patient centered research' locally after a brief training session (free of cost) here in our institute in the form of an elective (details here:

The students can return and utilize the hands on skills learned from us here to further develop this emerging area of 'patient centered research' in a local university with a guide willing to support them and the research (toward their Phd degree).

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