Saturday, May 10, 2014

Extending the scope of a Medical Elective blended learning program toward scaling and replication of 'user driven healthcare UDHC.'

Our current UDHC passion is spent in trying to develop a unique CA firm (CA as in clinical audit) where Indian health care activists/enthusiasts/entrepreneurs can interface with patient information requirements to audit the information (in the prescriptions provided by the direct agents of the patients aka clinicians) and you will find a lot of such information in the prescriptions available at the individual patient records here:

In our work with 'patient centered learning' we have felt this need for training in EBM and we have designed an elective curriculum in 'blended learning' in our institute here: which is attended by students globally.
We can extend this and train any health entrepreneur who wishes to make a difference here in our institute/practice area (completely hands on) and completely free of cost.These activists/entrepreneurs can then utilize the training to open their own UDHC clinics in their chosen locations on a fee for service model (preferably in collaboration with an medical practitioner).

Patient centred online learning has so much to give to our patients and health professional trainees that it is a pity we are currently not utilizing a fraction of it! I am even thinking of expanding our practice area beyond the confines of our PCMS institute (which mostly functions from 9 AM to 4 PM) and extending it to a private practice community clinic setting where these clinical entrepreneurs are likely to practice in their own future.

The selected graduates need to be savvy in computer mediated communication and learning and we could also have a run in period of 1-4 weeks to decide their suitability for the program.
We shall soon post the complete details of our 'blended learning' training program (a small summary of which is already shared  in the BMJ medical elective link here: and here is a blog post feedback on the training by one trainee: Here's an earlier version of the above Clinical entrepreneur proposal where we had named it differently: These trained activists/entrepreneurs can also work with govt bodies to perform large scale clinical audit surveys in hospitals and large group practices where clinicians (unwittingly?)engage in non-evidence based practices (unknowingly working in collusion with the drug industry?

Hoping we can collaborate with more and more interested stakeholders in a 'Patient centered Clinical Audit and Research Entrepreneurship' development program for currently unemployed/employed Indian graduates looking for clinical-entrepreneurship-career options (and we can help to provide free training). Can this can help pave the way forward to a 'transparent and evidence based healthcare ecosystem' in India?

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