Friday, May 30, 2014

Draft Abstract for the BMJ Case Reports Elective presentation in CMC Vellore (Cognitio 2014)


The current paradigm of doctors solving clinical problems using their personal experiences and memorized knowledge is rapidly changing with advances in information and communication technology. The BMJ Case Reports Medical Elective (details here: is a blended learning program that allows every human including patients, medical students and health professionals alike to gain proficiency in gathering and understanding medical knowledge from internet resources while helping solve real-life clinical problems. This activity is already active, hands on, 'offline' in People's College of Medical Sciences, Bhopal and online in with further conversational processing in an online forum called 'tabula rasa' where de-identified patient information is shared after informed consent from patients. This process democratizes medical knowledge and also identifies areas where more research is necessary. A few students from the BMJ blended learning program shall present their experiences in!/page_Schedule (18th July) through a few cases to create an appropriate stimulus for more and more interested students globally toward attending this program.
Body of the presentation:
Case study 1:
A lady with abdominal pain and abnormal behavior followed by seizures

Presenter: Surya Jain and Shrutika Singh (Access the case based conversations in the website here:
Case study 2

Two patients: A patient with a blackening toe and a patient with abdominal pain and a past amputated toe (Access one of the raw case-data based in the website here:
Presenter: Sumit Giri, Archit Jain and Ayush Gupta
Case Study 3
A child with a disabling abnormal posture
Presenter: Ayush Gupta and Sumit Giri (Access the case based conversations in the website here:

Case Study 4
A young man with Fever, Pain in Abdomen and Vomiting since 15 days
Presenter: Shrutika Singh and Sumit Giri (Access the case based conversations in the website here:

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