Sunday, February 2, 2014

Translational Clinician Scientist Entrepreneur (TCSE)' program

A 'Translational Clinician Scientist Entrepreneur (TCSE)' program can cater to a large population of graduates who are unable to join PhD or MD programs in India and globally due to standard entrance bottle-necks and yet they could benefit from an entrepreneurial career path.

 At the very beginning of the 'Translational Clinician Scientist Entrepreneur' TCSE program, students can be coached through a clinical rotation to identify requirements (problems that require doable solutions) in specific patient-populations (that can include rheumatology which is the area of interest for our principal investigator). 

Through a case study approach, these students could make attempts to find which of these patient-problems can be offered optimal innovative solutions. This course may not have a fixed time bound curriculum and the TCSE can choose to take the necessary amount of time required to achieve his/her entrepreneurial aspirations that would depend on a) his/her identification of the problem for which s/he would like to develop a solution ( this would be during the clinical rotation phase in an Institute providing the bedside clinical platform and clinical academic guide) b) Developing the solution (the bench phase in an institute providing the bench/laboratory and academic guide) and c) marketing the solution to the identified patient population( a large fraction of who could be tapped from the patient population in the institute where the TCSE learned to identify the patient problem).

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