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Assessment of the patient-information-communicator’s Online-learning portfolio for Dr Arti Jat March 2016


Patients are interviewed by the learner and s/he also creates their HIPAA de-identified online-health-records that may contain their history and clinical images other than their investigations

Done and recorded in individual patient-records by Dr Arti here:


Here the learner is concerned with how things happen by attempting to see them from different perspectives and relying on one’s thoughts, feelings and judgement. (Reference 1)

History documented by Arun Chaudhary: 32 M
c/o - ..Fracture of Subtrochantric left femur ..
Fever since 2 days ago ..

H/O - Before 15 days ago patient slip from upstairs and fall down in rolling way ..So , it causes the fracture of left femur bone ..
Swelling is also on whole left leg ..

Leg swelling se fever kaise aata hai Arun?
Arun Chaudhary Ni sir ..ho skta h ..vo bta rha tha k vo niche tha to usko fever ni tha but jb MMW me aaya to usko fever aaya ..isliye ..sir ...
Rakesh Biswas Woh MMW mein aya sirf fever monitoring ke liye. 
Arun Chaudhary Ohhhh sir ...but vo bta rha tha k usko yahi pe fever aaya tha ..pehle ni tha
Arti Jat Fracture are a stress for the body and it can be very normal to have a mild tem. In the few days only
Rakesh Biswas Yahi ka matlab uka LNMCH raha hoga Arun. smile emoticon Use fever turant operation ke baad aya tha. Arti ke hypothesis (upar jo woh keh rahi hai) ke liye koi evidence based link milega?

Rakesh Biswas Thanks Arti yeh abhi bhi sirf ek kahani aur hypothesis lag raha hai (humare mareez ko lo to shayad do ho jai) par humen thoda aur scientific data chahiye hoga.
Rakesh Biswas Yeh article sa zyada scientific lag raha hai? Par kya yeh humare sawaal ka poora jawab de paa raha hai?



Here learning is achieved by rigorous thinking (reflecting), using a systematic approach to structure and frame the phenomena being experienced. Emphasis is placed on the definition and classification of abstract ideas and concepts, aiming at precise conceptual categories. (Reference 1)

Fever is often observed postoperatively particularly after fracture surgery. The postulated mechanisms may involve an immune mediated process

The learner attempts to influence people and change situations as necessary. (Reference 1)
Arti Jat K/c/ocll. With copd

C/o- breathing and cough 

O- pt. Is Stable

A - cll with copd 
P-. Nebulization 
Tab deriphyllin
Tab. Voveron
Tab. Almaxo
Tab. Aciloc
Tab. Allopurinol
Tab ultracet semi.
Rakesh Biswas Inka respiratory rate abhi kitna hai aur kal kitna tha yeh jan na zaroori hoga Arti unka breathing difficulty ki progress jan ne ke liye.
Arti Jat R.r. - 20.

Cognitive/Intellectual Action

Taking patient histories (in patient’s voice) and taking clinical images and recording them in blogs 

Entire profile of online-records created here by Dr Arti: 

Using structured templates to record patient findings such as Mini-mental scores, depression scores, quality of life scores etc

 Arti you have written Nutrition - poor diet for this patient? Can you elaborate? Varsha maam please guide her.
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Varsha Shrivastava
Arti Jat
Arti Jat Sir ho gya aj 1bje ...or varsha mam ne diet chart bi bna kr de diya

Making an optimal assessment and plan for the patient

Can be seen in individual patient records created by Dr Arti here: 

Writing an order for pharmacological therapy (only for those with a licence)

Physical/Motor Action:

Assisting in data collection not only directly from the patient’s bedside but also from the patient’s radiology, labs and procedures and documenting it with images

Done and recorded in individual patient-records here: 

Performing physiotherapy (only for those with a licence)

Done and recorded in individual patient-records by Dr Arti here:

Learning points-

These can be either based on the case or the number of learning points gained by the learner during the entire week.

Fever post fracture

Respiratory vitals assessment

1)    Kohonen,V. 2009 Learning to learn through reflection – an experiential learning perspective. Full text downloaded on March 28th 2016 from

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Images of Portfolio Based learning: 

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