Thursday, November 6, 2014

Crowdsourcing toward a Learning healthcare system

This Link to a blog post on Crowdmed shows interesting results on how 'medical diagnosis' thrives on team diversity.

However, medicine isn't just about 'THE' diagnosis which never reaches 100% certainty anyway?

Perhaps this is one of the reasons people have started thinking of creating 'patient centered clinical phenotypes' from patient records rather than just go by a single diagnosis (more here:, For example a patient's life with COPD is perhaps not just entirely about COPD alone and living with a disease or illness may not always mean that the patient's life outcomes will always revolve around the single (or even multiple) diagnosis that we are able to identify?

Another promising development in utilizing team diversity toward clinical excellence is the concept of a Learning Healthcare System that essentially creates a continuous cycle or feedback loop in which scientific evidence informs clinical practice while data gathered from clinical practice and administrative sources inform scientific investigation.

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